• On your "cart" page prior to checkout, you will see this box (shown above). First you will need to indicate your preferred method of payment, then you can let us know if you need to be sent shipping materials.

  • If you indicate that you need to be provided shipping materials:

    We will send you a box, tape, and a return label that you can attach to your box to send your clubs back to us. In this case, we will deduct $10 from the golf shop credit that you will receive. (This is to cover the cost of the box and other supplies, as well as the shipping of the box to you.)

  • If you provide your own shipping materials:

    You will be sent a shipping label to the email you provide at checkout. You can then print it off, attach to your box, and mail your club(s) to us. This is completely free for you!

    Instructions on how to properly package your clubs can be found in the short video at the bottom of this page.